Leader + Ship = Leadership

The leadership training in a submarine

The leadership training in a submarine

Good leadership inspires and creates ownership!

A unique experience: Up to 20 managers take on different roles of a submarine crew and are thus directly in a hierarchy with each other. In our submarine setting, they re-enact scenes from the complex everyday life of a submarine and thus experience first-hand the effects of different leadership behaviour.

We were inspired to create this extraordinary workshop concept by David Marquet's book "Turn the ship around!" - in German: "Reiß das Rudder rum!". Scenes from his book and the leadership principles he developed are part of this special workshop.

Dive with us into the fascinating world of a team that sees itself as a true community of destiny. Join us on board and take on your role in our 20 m2 replica of a submarine command bridge incl. dive control, engine telegraph, course calculation and all associated training exercises on board.

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Experience and learn the most important leadership principles of "empowering leadership"!

1. Good leadership inspires

Leadership with instructions produces passive employees who "only" do the most necessary to do justice to the task. This is how David Marquet experienced it on his boat at the beginning. You will experience it the same way in the submarine workshop.

Good leadership enables employees to contribute on their own responsibility and to pursue their own intentions with regard to the common goal. Learn 'real delegation' by empowering your staff to make their own decisions. Experience the impact of 'empowering leadership' in the submarine workshop.

2. Good leadership develops excellence

Are you and your team striving for perfection - or excellence? If you want to be perfect, you avoid mistakes. Those who strive for excellence want to learn as much as possible from mistakes and experiments. Experience in our submarine workshop how you can develop and live a learning culture in your team and thus achieve true excellence.

3. Good leadership looks ahead

In everyday life, we deal with the past to too great an extent: reports, key figures, problem analyses, ... Experience how change affects you personally when foresight and the future take precedence. Instead of 're-porting' there is 'pre-porting' with enormous effects.

4. Good leadership asks good questions
Managers too often present themselves to their staff as "experts" and "know-it-alls". They are often unaware of their impact. Captain David Marquet had to realise that leadership by instructions and guidelines leads to employees who no longer think for themselves and do not take responsibility. He therefore consistently changed his leadership style and stopped giving instructions! Instead, he asked for intentions. Experience in our workshop how leading with good questions affects your thinking, your commitment and your motivation and learn to apply 'leading with good questions' yourself.
5. Good leadership ensures reflection
Only through the cyclical change between implementation and reflection does the team work and improve towards a common goal. Methods such as "feedback loops" or "inspectors" in the team help to achieve this. In the submarine workshop you will experience this principle and discuss its application in your everyday leadership.
6. Good leadership delegates decision-making power.
Responsibility can only be assumed by those who also decide. Good leadership therefore does not delegate tasks, but decision-making powers. In this way, employees take responsibility for their decisions. For David Marquet, this was the key to success. Experience the striking effect of this leadership style on the team and commitment!

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What participants report about the submarine workshop:
Michael Landgraf
CHRO Glendimplex Deutschland GmbH
"I find the workshop concept highly recommendable - especially from the group play scenes, interesting and effective learning moments arise in terms of group dynamics, from which good derivations can be drawn. You can feel the "fire" that the topic and the description from the book have ignited in Tom Senninger! Last but not least, the incredibly detailed and great elaboration of the setting and props make this a very convincing and successful workshop concept for me. It provides very good impulses on how leadership can be lived differently and in a modern way."
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