Questions & Answers

How many participants can take part?

The workshop is designed so that between 7 and 20 participants can take part in different roles. We adapt the number of participants to the size of your group.

For which target group is the workshop intended?

The workshop is designed for managers, leadership teams and executive teams.
We offer a variant for in-house training and an open seminar.

What is the aim of the workshop?

  • You will learn the leadership principles that made David Marquet so successful.
  • You will develop concrete ideas on how to promote responsibility, commitment and excellence among your staff in your everyday leadership.
  • How leadership becomes self-leadership


Where does the workshop take place?

Our equipment is mobile. The workshop can therefore take place in any larger seminar room/event space (> 100m2 - gladly also at your location - by arrangement.
Open seminars take place in Munich. Live workshops take place in hotels of your choice.

What general conditions does the workshop need to be held?

The U-BootWorkshop requires a room of at least 120 m2 , power supply, circle of chairs, beamer, flipchart and 2 pin boards. We bring all the submarine material with us. Projector and moderation material must be provided on site.
The set-up (day before) and dismantling of the submarine takes about 3-4 hours.
The submarine workshop lasts 2 full days.

What is the procedure before, during and after the workshop?

  1. You contact us and arrange an appointment
  2. All participants receive online access to reserve their role on the submarine in advance

  3. during
  4. At the beginning, each participant receives a detailed role description, their insignia and the materials associated with their role.
  5. We practise typical scenes on the submarine and experience what it was like on the Santa Fee. The participants thus directly experience the difference between classical leadership and the effect of the principles that David Marquet implemented on his ship.
  6. After each trip, the findings are collected and evaluated with workshop work. In this way, you establish the reference to your everyday leadership.
  7. By alternating exercises in the submarine and evaluation in the workshop area, the various leadership principles can be experienced, tried out and improved.
  8. In between, participants are given the opportunity to walk individually through our "reflection forest" and develop their own thoughts and goals through inspiring questions.
  9. Each participant receives a 60-page workbook with many tips on how to implement the leadership principles in everyday life. In addition, the script contains the six prepared implementation meetings that are held in the company after the workshop.

  10. after
  11. The participants meet and discuss the personal implementation goals from the workshop six times in small groups.
  12. With our additional package, you can arrange implementation support with 5 online modules of 2 hours each: the leadership principles are implemented step by step in your everyday work and reflected upon.